The Avocet ABS cylinder offers the highest levels of door lock security required.

The Avocet ABS cylinder has unique, patented technology which makes it impenetrable by snapping, the most common attack used by burglars today...

The Avocet ABS also has bump resistant technology to resist bumping attacks, which are actually almost hardly ever used by burglars. It is only locksmiths who bump locks.

The Avocet ABS is also pick resistant, again burglars don't pick locks, locksmiths do, with special tools, years of training and after examining each individual lock for many hours.

Avocet ABS requires no additional security devices such as security handles or cylinder guards to prevent burglary from snapping due to the unique way it prevents access to the internal lock mechanism.

Many other suppliers and door lock manufacturers make extraordinary claims about the performance of their product, and many try to talk down the Avocet ABS.

We have even had locksmiths (including MLA members) who sell competitive locks making misleading videos and/or false claims about ABS.

We have a fully equipped test centre where we offer such companies the opportunity to test their product against ABS, to date many have tried and failed and others simply refuse. We have many competitors locks and have many open days where you can come and see why ABS makes a difference. To arrange such a visit please contact us.

Avocet ABS is the "only" security cylinder door lock fitted by CASAC, the target hardening business representing West Yorkshire Police.