Birmingham Doors

Do you live in or near Birmingham? Are you looking for a brand new, secure, long-lasting, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing, new door (or two, or three, and so on) for your Birmingham home? You have certainly arrived at the right website. This is the online presence of All Doors, the West Midlands based door manufacturer and supplier which is fast developing a reputation for delivering high quality but inexpensive Birmingham doors with minimum delay or fuss.

Choice, Choice and more Choice!

You will be spoilt for choice with the considerable range of Birmingham doors displayed throughout the pages of our website, making it easier for you to decide on a door the appearance of which complements the overriding visual character of your house. However, our Birmingham doors are worth splashing out on for far more than just their physical appearance. We also work hard to design and manufacture our Birmingham doors in a manner which lends them substantial security, weather resistance and a long life.

How? Well, we make our composite doors particularly thick - 44mm thick, in fact, compared to the conventional PVC panel door's thickness of 28mm. This extra 16mm complements the structural frame and advanced hardware to lend each of our doors greater security, a true asset for those homeowners whose properties are based in particularly crime-prone areas of Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands.

10 Year Guarantee!

You needn't worry about the attractive appearance of any of our Birmingham doors fading easily, either. This is because each of them comes with a great GRP finish, ideal for resisting the adverse long-term effects of treacherous weather. In fact, we are so confident that our Birmingham doors will last that each one we install comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Besides any home in Birmingham, we can also deliver doors to properties in several areas of the West Midlands, ranging from prominent cities like Wolverhampton and Coventry, through to smaller areas like Bedworth, Bromsgrove and Leamington. So, if you do like our doors, which we think you will, feel free to recommend them to your friends and family throughout the West Midlands, too! We pride ourselves on providing a highly accessible service for so many different local people.

So, whether you are seeking top quality Birmingham doors, Wolverhampton doors, Coventry doors, or indeed Bedworth, Bromsgrove or Leamington doors, don't hesitate to browse our website - and contact us if you have any pressing questions.